Meet The Owners

About Great Northern Heating & Air

Great  Northern Heating and Air in Kalispell, is a family owned, full service  HVAC company serving both residential and commercial needs.  Owner, Mark  Palmer, has over 35 years experience working with all types of heating,  cooling and ventilation.  He knows that your comfort and satisfaction  depend on a system that has been properly designed and installed, as  well as being able to properly diagnose and correct problems with  existing equipment.  Mark has a proven history of customer satisfaction  based on honesty, integrity and expertise, and we are committed  maintaining that as a company.  We believe that value is achieved when  we deliver the best possible solution for your budget and then take the  time help you understand the equipment in your home so that you can get  the most comfort and efficiency out of it.  In order to deliver that we  must listen, get to know you and your home, and use our expertise and  knowledge to recommend solutions that you will be happy with.  Our goal  is to be the last heating company you’ll ever need.