Radiant Heat

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant Floor Heating is essentially a heating source under your floor that creates heat safely and efficiently. The heat radiates up through the floor to heat the entire room. The heat source is distributed under the floor so you get an even heating of the room.

Hydronic Heating is the preferred method of Radiant Floor Heating. Although there are situations where it can be added to an existing building, ideally it is planned for long before the construction process begins. We start with a layer of 2" foam insulation so that heat is transferred up into the building and not lost into the ground below. Tubing is fastened into place at precise intervals to ensure even heating, and then connected to a boiler system that heats a water/antifreeze mixture and pumps it through the tubes to warm the floor. Radiant heat systems can use a variety of fuel sources including natural gas, propane, electric or wood. Deciding what type of system is best for your home depends on a variety of factors and we can help you sort out your options. For more information give us a call. 


What are the benefits of Radiant heating?


Better Health. Radiant Floor Heating reduces dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants found with forced air heating.
Value. A way to dramatically increase your home’s value and save money every month.
Home improvement. Radiant Heating pays off with big dividends down the line.
Efficient. Radiant Floor Heating is much more cost-effective than forced air heating. Save hundreds in utility bills. Electronic time controls let you heat only where and when you want.
Invisible. No grates, grilles and ducts showing, creating better aesthetics.
Cleaner. Even temperatures throughout the whole house eliminates drafts and dryness.
Quiet. No noisy fans.


Snow Melt Systems

Snow Melt Systems prove to be a great use of Radiant Floor Heating, providing an easier means of snow removal, particularly useful during our long Kalispell Montana winters. We provide snow melting systems for commercial applications (office buildings & apartments, sidewalks, parking entry). Our team will work with general contractors and building owners to design and install these systems. We can also provide this for residential applications. The systems usually involves a heat source (hot water boiler) system piping, and tubing out in the area that needs snow melting. If you are looking at replacing sidewalks, driveways, parking entry areas, or if it's new construction, give us a call so we can help you with design and pricing.


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